Neon Party Games

Neon Party Games was one of my most technically ambitious projects. It is a collection of 6 mini-games that can all be played by any number of players by using a Android or iOS devices as the controllers.

The gameplay modes include:

  • Tag – Exactly what it sounds like, whoever is “it” longest loses.
  • Geometry – A game where you collect geometrical shapes for points, whoever gets the most points wins.
  • Sumo – A mode where you try to stay in the center of the screen while being pushed around by other players.
  • Squared – A Super Hexagon inspired game where you try not to touch the walls closing around you.
  • Puck – An air hockey game that can be played by any number of players.
  • Cell –  An inspired game mode where you try to grow bigger to eat other players.



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Android · iOS · Windows 10

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