Month: May 2020

New Website!

About 2 years ago I created my website on Wix. I did this for the sake of convenience as I’m really not in to web development. Now, Wix might be fine for some people and projects, but me trying to use it was like trying to mix oil and water. I am a person who really likes having control of my content at a low level, despite not wanting to do the actual web development at a low level.

I had multiple hiccups along the way that really drove me crazy, but I managed to find workarounds that satisfied my requirements enough as to not take the leap in developing a whole new site. That is until I was faced with the need of hosting a simple .txt file on my site… Being unable to do such a basic thing was the last straw.

So what is a person supposed to do? Concede to building a website from scratch? Concede to using a website builder that takes away control? The answer, WordPress.

I knew WordPress was a thing people use but I had never tried it out. With the appropriate themes and plugins it essentially does 90% of the work for you and yet you can still modify things on a low level if need be. These are the types of projects I love, and it’s why open source is so great as it leads to products like this. It’s no wonder 36% of the Web uses WordPress. Now I’m using it too.

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